Tannum Family Practice is serviced by a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and support staff


As well as routine consultations we provide the following services:

Immunisations: Children and Adult

Liquid Nitrogen "freezing" therapy

  for sunspots and warts

Lung Function Tests

Minor Surgery: Stiching cuts,

  removing moles, skin cancers, warts

Pregnancy Tests

Antenatal Care

Travel Vaccinations

Weight Control, Nutritional Advice

Skin Cancer Clininc with Solarscan Technology

Blood Tests



Dermatoscopy: Skin Checks

ECG: Heart Check

Family Planning

Pap Smears

Health Information

Children's Hearing Tests (Tympanorgraphy)

Home Visits

Hormone Implants

Please make an appointment to receive follow up results when tests are ordered.

101 Hampton Drive, Tannum Sands QLD 4680    Ph: 07 4973 7822    Fax: 07 4973 7844